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    Smoke detector

    烟雾探测器通过监测烟雾的浓度来实现火灾防范,烟雾探测器内部采用离子式烟雾传感,离子式烟雾传感器是一种技术先进,工作稳定可靠的传感器,被广泛运用到各种消防报警系统中,性能远优于气敏电阻类的火灾报警器。 一旦有烟雾窜逃外电离室。干扰了带电粒子的正常运动,电流,电压就会有所改变,破坏了内外电离室之间的平衡,于是无线发射器发出无线报警信号,通知远方的接收主机,将报警信息传递出去。



Excellent quality, retain customers

100% pass rate

Own product quality testing center,Each product has taken 2 manual testing,100% Ensure the qualified rate is 100%

Everlastingly new,Take fine surface treatment

Avoid fading and paint loss for long


Strong production capacity, do not worry

8 million maximum annual capacity

Up to 8 million annual production of fire extinguishers and 6 million meters of fire hose

Strong Production Strength

Factory covers an area of more than 4 thousand square meters,Total equipment investment about RMB 80 million


Comfortable service, pleasant cooperation

2 years free maintenance

Free technical engineer door-to-door service for 24 hours

Free telephone customer service for the whole year

Free product technical consulting
Free product/ industry solution

Free postage for provincial agents


Generous policy, unlimited profit

Year-end bonus

Outstanding dealers will receive the year-end bonus

Free training

Free help customers build mini fire station
Free fire safety training
Free support for customer fire drill

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  • Dry powder
  • Type water-based
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Lined fire hose
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