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    With the raped development of China’s economy,Qingdao LouShan Firefighting Group for its unique corporate culture,rigorous philosophy and tireless entrepreneurial spirit,has evolved into the field of Shandong and the National Fire Protection largest and most powerful company,Shandong Province several sets of fire engineering design,installation,fire protection products research and development,production,testing,maintenance,sales in one of the professional group,the company set up under the floor Hills fire Equipment Factory Qingdao,Qingdao LouShan Firefighting Engineering Group Co.,Ltd. Branch.

    Group has three system certification,the State Ministry of Public Security fire products 3C compulsory certification through international quality,environment,occupational health and safety.Is a prestigious national key enterprises,the National Fire Protection products manufacturing enterprises,ships fighting facilities designated maintenance units,Shandong Province contract and trust worthy units,won the famous enterprises Expo Excellence Award Honor.Production of the cage hail brand products for many years as recommended brand of fire protection products in Shandong Province,Shandong Famous Brand and 3.15 Famous,Long hail trademark also for many years been rated as Shandng Province.

    QingDao LouShan Firefighting Equipment Factory important in “Dragon hail” brand dry powder series extinguishers and water-based fire extinguishers,dry powder throwing fire bombs,carbon dioxide fire extinguisher,dry powder extinguishing agent,mobile expansion foam fire extinguishing devices;various model development,production,testing,maintenance and sales of fire with water production has been approved by the State Ministry of Public Security.Company has an internationally advanced production and testing equipment with water,sophisticated manufacturing technology,standardized testing methods,production of various types of synthetic resins,polyurethane lining fire hose,etc.,to meet the needs of our customers.

    Qingdao LouShan Firefighting Group always adhere to the”customer first,quality first”business philosophy,excellent product quality and perfect service system,warmly welcome new and old customers to visit mutual benefit,create a market.

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  • Arc furnace

    Dry powder Laboratory

    Electronic fabric strength machine

    High and low temperature test chamber

    Aging test chamber

    Sample skein winder

    Universal testing machine

    Yarn twister

    Fire products testing center

    Crisis multi-element analyzer

    Nondestructive testing equipment

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    To open up

    Opening includes four elements: continuous learning, listening, innovation and embracing change;

    We want to build a fire into a learning organization. Each of its members should maintain a learning attitude, the initiative to learn new things, in order to better adapt to the length of time and the continuous changes in the outside world;

    Communication is two-way, good at listening is effective communication pipe fitting. Listening will help us to understand the needs of internal and external customers; it is the first step in a successful solution;


    We believe that passion can lead us to devote ourselves to our cause. Passion and commitment are key to our excellent performance;

    Always maintain a passion for work, dedication;

    Motivate and inspire team members to keep fighting, do not reach the goal of commitment;

    To create a "win" rather than "lose" culture.

    Entrepreneurial spirit

    To innovate, not step by step;

    To be flexible, not rigid and dogmatic;

    Can not be complacent; to believe that return and risk is proportional to the "no free lunch";

    To dare to develop, rather than wait for opportunities;

    To have ambition and enterprising spirit, cultivate the wolf, rather than in a leisurely manner.


    Team spirit includes three elements: sharing, respect and cooperation;

    Teamwork is essential to our success. Any employee can not be "self" as the center, we will not tolerate arrogance, conceit will kill the company;

    Mutual respect is the basis of teamwork; respect for different cultures, religious beliefs, skin color background; respect for different views and opinions; respect our customers, competitors, partners and everyone around us;

    We advocate a variety of activities to promote the growth of companies and individuals together; we should take the initiative to share our knowledge, experience and skills to help the team to grow, but also to promote their own growth.

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  • Aerial workshop

    Shot blasting machine tank video

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