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  • Dry powder
  • Type water-based
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Lined fire hose
  • Extinguishing agent
  • Other fire appliance

Excellent quality, retain customers

100% pass rate

Own product quality testing center,Each product has taken 2 manual testing,100% Ensure the qualified rate is 100%

Everlastingly new,Take fine surface treatment

Avoid fading and paint loss for long


Strong production capacity, do not worry

8 million maximum annual capacity

Up to 8 million annual production of fire extinguishers and 6 million meters of fire hose

Strong Production Strength

Factory covers an area of more than 4 thousand square meters,Total equipment investment about RMB 80 million


Comfortable service, pleasant cooperation

2 years free maintenance

Free technical engineer door-to-door service for 24 hours

Free telephone customer service for the whole year

Free product technical consulting
Free product/ industry solution

Free postage for provincial agents


Generous policy, unlimited profit

Year-end bonus

Outstanding dealers will receive the year-end bonus

Free training

Free help customers build mini fire station
Free fire safety training
Free support for customer fire drill

About Qingdao LouShan Firefighting Group

Qingdao LouShan Firefighting Group

With the raped development of China’s economy,Qingdao LouShan Firefighting Group for its unique corporate culture,rigorous philosophy and tireless entrepreneurial spirit,has evolved into the field of Shandong and the National Fire Protection largest and most powerful company.

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